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When to keep your child home?
When the flu season is in full swing, your child may experience many different symptoms. The question of many parents may have is whether or not to send him/her to school.

Please do not send your child to school according to the following guidelines:

    1. vomiting*

    2. diarrhea*

    3. a temperature 100 degrees or greater*

    4. yellow-green or green mucous from the nose*

    5. a cough producing yellow-green or green mucous*

    6. skin rash which is new, and not diagnosed (once diagnosed as non-contagious, the child may return to school with the doctor’s excuse)
    7. diagnosed strep throat (may return to school after antibiotic treatment for 24 hours, and free of “sick” symptoms)

    8. a sore, very red throat

    9. eyes which are red, itchy, crusted in the morning, or draining thick mucous

    10. suspected or confirmed head lice (please notify your nurse immediately so that she may give you specific instructions)

*your child must be free of these sympoms for 24 hours before returning to school

Parents, if you have any questions about these symptoms or any others that your child may experience, please call your nurse at the school. Keeping your child home when ill helps to protect him/her from catching other germs, and protects the other children from the germ your child is may be carrying.
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