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Senior Spotlight Photo


Procedures for “Senior Spotlight Photo”

The attached PDF assigns the times to all graduates for their “Spotlight Photo” opportunity.  All graduates and family members (four only plus the graduate) will use the north entrance of the auditorium to walk into Lakeview High School.  Family members must wear masks in the high school BEFORE entry.  Upon entry graduates will:

    • Turn in all books, school owned items, and their ChromeBook (charger & case)

    • Have an opportunity to purchase the ChromeBook for $30.  Case is $20.

    • Pay all fees (uniforms not handed in, overdue/missing books, etc.)

    • Receive honor recognition apparel

*Student diploma will be issued only after ALL school owned items are returned and fees paid*  

Please dress in your cap and gown BEFORE entry into the building.

After ALL school items are returned and fees paid, the graduate will enter the backstage area.  Family members will enter the auditorium seating area close to the stage.  I will announce the graduate’s name.  The graduate will walk across the stage and pick up their diploma for the “Spotlight Photo” opportunity in front of the decorated table.  We encourage family members to record, take pictures, etc.  

After the photo, the graduate will exit, alongside their family members, out the south entrance of the auditorium.  Located within the south entrance will be the remainder of your locker contents in a sealed bag.  Please take the bag and use the south exit to the parking lot. 

Attachments Available To Download:
Senior Spotlight Photo - II.pdf