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LHS Sees First Dual-Graduate

A Lakeview High School first!

Meet Abbie Campana - she's the FIRST Lakeview student to graduate with BOTH an Associate's Degree from college AND a high school diploma! (FUN FACT: she actually graduated from college before she graduated from high school!) Abbie has been taking College Credit Plus classes at Youngstown State University since her sophomore year of high school. After getting that first year under her belt, she sat down to map out the path to obtaining her Associate's Degree by the time she would graduate high school. For the last two years, she's been taking college classes, full-time, at YSU. This May, she earned 80 credit hours, graduated with a 4.0 GPA, officially earning her Associate's Degree in Business Administration. "This is absolutely surreal," she says of the experience. "It was all a little overwhemling when I first started, but once I got into it, it really wasn't any different than high school for me."

Speaking of high school, all of those credits also counted towards her high school diploma. Days after she graduated from YSU, Abbie also graduated from Lakeview High School as one of the class's 13 Valedictorians. Even though she was taking classes fulltime at YSU during the regular LHS school day, Abbie remained active at the high school, participating in softball, volleyball, National Honor Society, Junior Executive Committee, and Senior Beta clubs. "It may not have been the traditional high school experience, but I didn't mind," she says. "I stayed in touch with my Lakeview friends and teachers and made new friends by getting involved at YSU."

Abbie plans to attend Bowling Green State University in the fall, where she will be considered a "freshman" but will be taking junior-level classes. She plans to pursue her Bachelor's in Supply Chain Management, which she could obtain in two years, if she decides to only pursue one major. However, if she decides to double-major, it will take her three or four years to earn those degrees. Either way, she's already ahead of the curve! "If you have the opportunity to take CCP courses, just do it," she says. "Earning these credits early is going to be a big savings for me and my family. This path was absolutely worth it for me."

Congratulations Abbie!