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LES Welcomes Go Noodle Star

Lakeview Elementary School students were SO EXCITED to welcome Champion High School student Skylar Scarnecchia to campus on Tuesday, May 10, 2022! Skylar is a cancer survivor, amputee, and most interestingly (to our youngest Bulldogs) the star of Go Noodle brain break dance videos!

When two LES students found out their mom, a Champion High School teacher, was going to have Skylar in her class this year, they, quite literally, were mind-blown. After a few delays because of COVID, Lakeview and Champion administrators finally found a date for her to come and visit with students. Skylar spent about a half hour with them, talking about her prosthetic legs, what life is like as an amputee, and encouraging them to never give up, especially when life doesn't give you what you want. Skylar showed them how she plays wheelchair basketball - she's a member of the Cleveland Cavs Wheelchair Basketball team, in several travel leagues, and hopes to earn a scholarship to play wheelchair basketball in college. And, of course, she did her famous Go Noodle Brain Breaks with students before she left!

Skylar says, “I love opening up the disability roles to little kids. It’s great to show you that this is normal, it’s everyday life for people. And when you go through hard times you can get through it because we are living proof of it.”

Thank you, Skylar, for taking time out of your day to visit our students, it meant so much to all of us. And thank you to Champion Schools for sharing her with us and allowing her to come! It was a great day for everyone!