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Ongoing efforts are made by the Lakeview Local School District to locate  and evaluate children ages birth through 21 years of age, who reside   within the district and have a confirmed or suspected disability in   accordance with federal and state standards.

Parents, relatives, agency personnel, and concerned citizens may refer any child(birth through 21)who may qualify for special education and related services.

Anyone aware of a child who may have special needs living within the   district is asked to call Jennifer Merkich, Supervisor of Student   Services at(330) 637- 3809.
Special Education Services
The cornerstone Federal legislation for the education of students with disabilities is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act. IDEIA ensures the provision of a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) for every student who qualifies under the Federal Law and corresponding federal and state regulations.

Our goal is to work with parents/guardians to help ensure that every child experiences success in the Lakeview Local School System. The District encourages parents to call the office of Student Services, at (330) 637-3809 if they suspect their child has a handicap that may interfere with their child's ability to progress in the general education environment. 

Special educational services are available to students with disabilities (SWD) from age 3 through 21 years of age. Lakeview promotes inclusion practices whenever appropriate, and provides support to the general education teacher and/or the SWD participating in the general education setting. The District employs one school psychologist, and 14 intervention specialists serving grades K-12. In addition, 1 speech and language therapist serves students identified with deficits in the area of communication. The District contracts with the TCESC for various related services in order to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities. 
Title 1 Services
Lakeview Elementary Bulldog Bunch is Lakeview Local Schools Title I-A Kindergarten through 3rd grade reading program.  The sole purpose of Bulldog Bunch is to help students become successful. 

We Believe:

  • in honoring students where they are in their learning
  • creating a safe and caring learning enviornment
  • in early intervention

Lakeview Local Schools is committed to the goal of providing quality education for every child.  In order to achieve this goal, we know that establishing partnerships with family and community members is key.  Everyone succeeds if Lakeview Schools, families, and the community work together to increase student achievement for all children.

Support for children and the school is critical to a child's success.  Lakeview staff has a committment to working with family members in all school aspects to help students.  One important goal for Bulldog Bunch is to establish and maintain a school-home partnership.  We thank all our parents for their help and assistance in working together.

Because Bulldog Bunch is a federally funded program to provide support, there is a process that is utilized to identify and service young leaners.

Eligibility in Bulldog Bunch is based on ranking from multiple criteria:  district assessments, state assessments, and teacher recommendations.  

District and State assessments occur in the fall (beginning of the year), winter, and spring (end of the year). Please see the section on Assessments for more information.


  • District reading assessments.  At this time, Lakeview Elementary administers NWEA MAP reading assessments to all students in grades K-4.  Bulldog Bunch students are assessed three times a year:  fall, winter, and spring.
    • Kindergarten students take the Spring NWEA reading assessment.
    • 1st - 3rd grade students take the fall, winter, and spring.
  • State reading assessments:
    • Kindergarten students take the ODE KRA (Ohio Department of Education Kindergarten Readiness Assessment) in late September or early October.
    • 3rd grade students take the ODE AIR reading assessment in the fall and again in the spring.
  • Teacher Recommendation.  Classroom teacher recommendations are an important criteria element. Classroom teachers work with students for extended amounts of time in whole group, small group, and one-on-one settings. They have well-rounded experiences with students and provide important insight into their students that contribute to evaluating students' eligibility.

All students are assessed through the above-mentioned criteria in the spring and fall.  Assessment and teacher recommendation data is compiled and students are ranked based on risk of not meeting the state's standards for reading that all children are expected to master at the beginning of the school year.  Bulldog Bunch eligibility is based on rank using the compilation of the above criteria at the beginning of each year.

Once students are identified as eligible for Bulldog Bunch, parents will receive a Welcome Letter and a School-Parent Compact. The Home-School calendar lists important school dates as well are Bulldog Bunch parent meetings and opportunities for parent participation in the program and at school.

Regular progress monitoring and parent-teacher conferencing occurs throughout the year.  Parents will receive a Bulldog Bunch Reading Student Profile quarterly so parents are kept informed of their child's progress on a regular basis.

In the spring, all elementary students are assessed based on the Lakeview Elementary assessment schedule. At that time, all Bulldog Bunch students are exited from the program.  Spring assessment data and teacher recommendations will be gathered and the process cycles again.

Parents Right-to-Know Letter

Dear Parents,

Lakeview Elementary School receives Federal Title I funds to assist students in meeting state achievement standards in grades K-3.  Throughout the year we will be providing you with important information about this law and your child’s education. This letter lets you know about your right to request information about the qualifications of the classroom staff working with your child.  

At Lakeview Elementary, we are very proud of our teachers and feel they are ready for the coming school year, and we are prepared to give your child a high-quality education.  As a Title I Targeted Assistance school, we must meet federal regulations related to teacher qualifications as defined in ESSA. These regulations allow you to learn more about your child’s teachers’ training and credentials.  We are happy to provide this information to you. At any time you may ask:

  • Whether the teacher met state qualifications and certification requirements for the grade level and subject he/she is teaching

  • Whether the teacher received an emergency or conditional certificate through which state qualifications were waived, and

  • What undergraduate or graduate degrees the teachers hold, including graduate certificates and additional degrees, and major(s) or area(s) of concentration.  


    You may also ask whether your child receives help from a paraprofessional.  If your child receives this assistance, we can provide you with information about the paraprofessional’s qualifications.

    You can also find teacher information on the www.lakeviewlocal.org Teacher Websites.  

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which was signed into law in December 2015 and reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1956 (ESEA), includes the additional right-to-know requests.  At any time parents and family members can request:

    • Information on policies regarding student participation in assessments and procedures for opting out

    • Information on required assessments that include:

      • subject matter tested

      • purpose of the test

      • source of the requirement (if applicable)

      • amount of time it takes students to complete the test, and

      • time and format of disseminating results


     If you have any questions concerning the program, please feel free to contact me at 330-638-2145.

    Joanne Ogurchak

    Lakeview Local Schools

    Title Coordinator 

Response to Intervention Model
Lakeview Local Schools utilizes the Response to Intervention Model (RTI), for at risk learners, and makes every effort to work with any student having difficulty in the general education classroom. This process includes the utilization of an Intervention Assistance Team (IAT), composed of the following: the teacher, parent, principal, guidance counselor, RTI coach, student when appropriate, and any other specialist who may help the team to problem solve. Any individual may make a referral to this team on behalf of a struggling student. The purpose of the IAT meeting is to develop strategies and interventions designed to help the struggling student become successful in the classroom. 

Any parent who believes their child is having difficulty within the general education setting should first make contact with their child's teacher. The guidance counselor is available in each building for additional consultation.
Gifted Services
Gifted services are provided in grades 5 through 8 for students who meet eligibility requirements. Testing for gifted eligibility generally occurs in grade 7; however, if a parent, teacher, or student believes a child meets the criteria, the guidance counselor in the appropriate building should be contacted.

Honors and advanced classes are available in grades 9-12 for those students who meet the established criteria. Lakeview High School guidance counselors work with students and parents to create the best possible schedule for each student.
Acceleration Information
Early Entrance to Kindergarten -See Board Policy 5112    
Academic Acceleration -See Board Policy 5410
Special Education IDEA -Part B Funding Annual Parent Meeting
The 2020-2021 Student Services Special Education IDEA-Part B Funding  
Annual Parent Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, at 3:00 p.m.  
Topic:  An overview  of special education eligibility, services, and federal funding 

How:  Zoom Video Conference
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 972 9736 8855
Passcode: 744119
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