• Step 1 - Identify your type of Registration

    Most families that register at Lakeview will be residents of the district that want to attend school in the Lakeview Local School system.  If you believe you are a resident of Lakeview Local Schools, please verify your residency using "The Finder" tool at https://thefinder.tax.ohio.gov/ . Once you determine you are a resident and if you plan to attend school in the district, you may continue to Step 2. Otherwise please read the following bullet points to review other scenarios that may require a different process.

    • Residents who seeks to attend a different school district
      If you live in the Lakeview Local School district but prefer to attend another school district, the state of Ohio requires you (the resident) to register in the "Home" district even though you will not attend the "Home" distict. Please continue to Step 2 to complete the registration process.  

    • Non - resident who seeks to attend Lakeview Local Schools
      If you live outside the Lakeview Local School district but are interested in attending Lakeview Local Schools, you will need to apply differently during what is called an Open Enrollment period. Typically that time frame is March 1st - 31st each year. You will want to call our Board office at 330.637.8741 to get specific details about this process.  Open enrollment is not a guaranteed option. It varies by school year.  The district typically announces what grade levels may be available for Open Enrollment in mid-February. 

    • Trumbull County ESC Pre-School hosted at Lakeview Local Schools
      The Lakeview School district is one of several Trumbull County schools to house TCESC pre-school units. Each year our district typically hosts 2 classrooms. 

      TCESC classrooms provide high quality early childhood education for both special needs children and typically-developing children. The Lakeview Local School District will conduct a Lottery annually to select approximately 16 typical developing students to participate in the preschool program. To add your child to the Lottery, please call the Lakeview Student Service office (330-637-3809) from February 1st through March 15th. Typcally, the lottery drawing will take place in March.  // For the 2024-2025 school year, the lottery drawing will likely take place in April. // Once the lottery drawing occurs, each person will receive an email stating the outcome. If your child is selected, you will be given a deadline to have all paperwork submitted by a certain date. (PLEASE NOTE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS IS NOT ONLINE IN ONEVIEW). If the paperwork is not back by the deadline, then we will move on to the next child on the list. 
      Requirements:   1. Must Live in the Lakeview School District  2. Child must be 4 years old by August 1st. 3. Parent must provide transportation. 
      Preschool Hours:  Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 1:15pm
      Current Cost:  $30 per month.

    • Annual Kindergarten registration
      Typcally in January of every year, we start accepting applications for students who will start Kindergarten the following school year. This is an online registration process described in Step 2.  We normally have specific times when you are able to stop in to provide the necessary documents to complete your registration that are outlined in Step 3 below. Those times will be announced in the annual Kindergarten Flyer. Closer to school starting, dates will be set up for the screening of incoming Kindergarten students. Please check our website for our annual Kindergarten Registration flyer. This is traditionally posted in January each year.  (UPDATE: 2024 Kindergarten Registration will NOT start until approximately March due to software updates / new ODE requirements. Check the Elem web page for details) 

    Step 2 - Create an account in our Online Forms system for registration


    Step 3 -  Gather relevant information. During the school year, you will typically be contacted within 1-2 business days of submitting your application (unless you are registering for Kindergarten in the NEXT school year*) to arrange a time you can provide copies of the below documents. You may also email copies to registration@lakeviewlocal.org

    PLEASE NOTE: During the summer, you may drop off copies of your documents at the Board Offices since the building's offices are closed until 2 weeks prior to the start of school. (The Board Offices are located at the High School - 300 Hillman Dr Cortland)

    • Proof of residency 
      • TWO forms of proof are required. (EX: Building or lease contract, pay stub listing current address, utility bill in your name, property tax statement if you own your property.)  A driver’s license IS NOT an acceptable proof of residency.
    • Student’s Birth Certificate
    • Student’s Social Security Card
    • Student’s Immunization Records
    • Current Report Card and Transcript (if you have a copy)
    • If applicable, custody papers with court seal and judge’s signature (if not living with both parents) or a statement from your attorney if you are in the process of a divorce.

    * Parents registering a child for Kindergarten in the NEXT school year will have set dates that the Elementary office is open to accept the above documentation. These dates will be provided on the Kindergarten Registration flyer posted in January.