About Our District

  • The Lakeview Local School District is located in Northeastern Ohio, in Trumbull County, and is serviced by the Trumbull County Educational Service Center. It is a suburban community with a population of about 12,000. The school district encompasses an area of approximately twenty-five square miles. The community's median household income is just over $61,000, which is 10% higher than the state average. Residential and commercial growth within the School District has been strong in recent years. Total assessed value has increased by nearly 15% in the past five years while student enrollment is down approximately 11% for the same period. Ohio Living (Lake Vista), Menards, and Walmart are the major businesses in the district. Business and industry provide about 20% of the local school revenue.

    The City of Cortland has a number of historic structures and sites that date back to 1820. These historic sites include; private homes, churches, the Christian Church Cemetery, the Old Mill, and one of the more recently restored historic buildings, the Opera House. The city is also known for the many unique specialty shops that add to the uniqueness of the area.

    The Mosquito Reservoir is located in Bazetta Township. The scenic and beautiful Mosquito Lake runs through the center of the district, as does the Mosquito Lake State Park, which adorns the lake. Mosquito Lake provides boating, fishing, and water recreation for water enthusiasts from miles around.

Compliance Information

  • Lakeview Local Schools Compliance Officers are: 

    Jennifer Merkich, Supervisor of Student Services
    300 Hillman Drive
    Cortland, Ohio  44410

    Michael DeToro, High School Assistant Principal
    300 Hillman Drive
    Cortland, Ohio  44410

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Directory Information

  • Each year, the Superintendent shall provide public notice to students and their parents of the District's intent to make available, upon request, certain information known as directory information. The Board designates as student directory information: a student's name; address; telephone number; date and place of birth; major field of study; participation in officially-recognized activities and sports; height and weight, if a member of an athletic team; dates of attendance; date of graduation; or awards received.

Continuity of Service Plan

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