Chromebook 1:1 Information

  • Continuing the Lakeview tradition of providing the highest quality of instruction and wide range of extracurricular activities available to all our students, we are excited to support a 1:1 Chromebook initiative K-12.

    Lakeview’s desire is to instill in its students six key skills: Critical Thinking, Research, Collaboration, Adaptability, Communication and Presentation. The Chromebook, with its deep ties to Google Apps for Education, online assessment compatibility, ease of management, and overall cost, is the clear choice.  

    The Chromebook will be used in a variety of ways in K-12 classrooms. One focus is to provide students with multiple opportunities to research, collaborate, and create. The Chromebook will also provide the means for students to practice and reinforce skills. (The use and reliability of the Chromebooks will vary based on each building / grade levels.) Students will enroll in their teachers’ Google Classrooms where they may view, complete and turn in assignments. They may research and respond to questions, access online textbooks, collaborate on a document or presentation with other classmates, or create something new with one of the apps available to them.  Students will use the Google Apps for Education menu and house the work they create in their Google Drive. This work can be accessed by the student from any device with an Internet connection by logging into their Google Drive with their unique Google login.

    In grades 5 through 12, students will be issued a school-owned Chromebook and carrying case. (The carrying case is expected to stay on the Chromebook at ALL TIMES.) Students in these grades will be responsible for caring for the device, for taking it to each class at school, as well as taking it home at night. It is understood that your child will make responsible decisions regarding the safe use and care of the Chromebook. A $60 technology fee will be collected  each year.  The $60 yearly fee allows the student to take the Chromebook home in the evening and on the weekends. The $60 fee covers accidental damage one (1) time per school year. In addition, the monies collected will go toward the purchase of a case to protect the device from accidental damage. 

    In grades K-4 , students are also assigned a school-owned Chromebook for their use as needed during the school day. Their assigned Chromebook is for their use only. It is not a shared device. Each student is expected to take proper care of the Chromebook.  The K-4 Chromebooks are intended to stay at school. 

    For further information about the Lakeview 1:1 initiative, please contact a building principal or email

Log a Student Chromebook Issue

  • Click here to create a helpdesk ticket for any of the following:

    • Forgotten Chromebook
    • Chromebook is Damaged or Broken
    • Lost Chromebook

Solving Common Chromebook Issues

Proper Chromebook Care

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