May 3, 2022 Operating Levy Information

  • The Lakeview Local Schools Operating Levy is a proposed 6.8 mill operational levy that will maintain a high quality school district that our community expects and our students deserve. The Operating Levy would generate about $2.075 million annually. Funds generated would go towards operating expenses and cost a property owner $39.67 whose home has an assessed value of $200,000. 

    The last time the district received new operating funds was in 2010. 

    Operating Levy

How does Lakeview's tax rate compare to other school systems?

  • Out of 19 public school districts in Trumbull County, Lakeview has the 6th lowest tax rate. 

    6th Lowest Image

How does Lakeview's per pupil funding compare to other districts?

  • Every district in Trumbull & Mahoning County receives more funding per student than Lakeview!

    Per Pupil Funding

Why can't Lakeview "cut back" or "live within its means"?

  • The District does a very good job of watching expenses and containing costs. They run a lean budget, thus keeping the request for new money from taxpayers abeigh for over a decade. Over the last 5 years, the District has trimmed $1,371,000 from the budget to overcome significant cuts in state funding in addition to other decreasing revenues. 

    Previous Cuts

What are the impacts if the May Levy fails?

  • If the Levy fails, the District will be forced to make further budget cuts that impact a variety of programs. 

    Future Budget Cuts

Answers to your Questions

Town Hall Meeting Resources

  • A 2nd Town Hall meeting will take place Apr 19th at 6pm in the Raidel Auditorium. 

    The video of the previous Town Hall meeting can be viewed here. The presentation slides can be found in this link. 

Levy Committee

  • Chair: Taylor Pease
    Treasurer: Amy Newton

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  • If you have a question or would like clarification on something you've heard in the community, we welcome you to submit an inquiry to our committee. Please click here to get started.