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Introducing the Lakeview Local Schools Mobile App

  • Purpose for the New School App:
    The Lakeview School App compliments our website as a way to quickly access common links such as Lunch Menus, Online Forms, GradeBook,  Athletic Schedules, etc.


    During the App setup, you can personalize the Announcements and News by choosing the school buildings you follow.

    The new App also compliments our school communications system, Blackboard Mass Communications. District leaders have used the Blackboard Mass Communications since Spring of 2022 and we are excited to announce teachers will also use this system too!  Our new App will help organize messages from our school communications system by acting as a repository for all messages to parents when they log into the App. (Parents will self authenticate to the App by using the phone number or email address they provided in OneView. No username / password required!)  Parents are able to view these messages from the school mass notification system on the App. If a response is needed, they will respond from their personal email account. (Note: The App is not a messaging client. All 2 way communications between staff and parents will be sent via email) 


    Comparing the new School App with retired apps Drund / Class DoJo:
    Drund and Class Dogo have been retired and will no longer be used.  These two apps were primarily Social Media applications.  Most social media apps' purposes are to create a community of participants where a variety of content can be shared, promoted/advertised.  Instant messaging is typically a feature found in social media apps as well.  Our new school app is focused on Communications.  It has the flexibility to integrate with the school communication system.  (The communication system allows multiple modes of communication, such as email, phone and texts to families.)  The app pulls all of these communications together, that are destined for families with student(s) in all buildings, into one repository of all messages.  In contrast, a social media app typically has a community feed where participants have to search for information relevant to them.  The communications system, partnered with the new school app, will target communications to the intended parties.  This eliminates the search!  

    If you need further information or assistance with the School App, please contact the school office for more help. 
    High School - 330.637.4921
    Middle School -  330.637.4360
    Elementary - 330.638.2145

Download & Setup the App