• Students have started to earn Positive Office Referrals. These are given to students that show above and beyond character through an action witnessed by a LMS staff member. 

    Congrats to our Positive Office Referrals so far this year:

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    Students in 8th grade ELA are reading the story The Outsiders with Mrs. Kasula, Mrs. Stein, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Madeline and Mrs. Lawson. Group projects and collaborative class periods participating in Socratic Circles were two ways the students embraced the text last week.

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    Our 7th & 8th grade volleyball parents rock! The teams are enjoying dinner in the K8 cafeteria before their games.


    Alta Healthcare worked with our 5th and 6th grade students starting last week. They will implement an anti-bullying, anti-substance abuse program for our students this semester. The groups worked on decision making as it pertained to making choices on a map. 

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    Our 8th grade band marched with the high school band at the home football game on Friday, they sounded great!

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    Coming Up at LMS:

    Friday, 9/23: Interim Reports posted to ProgressBook, Conference forms sent home

    If you would like to sign up for a parent teacher conference, complete the conference form coming home with your child on Friday. Return it to school with the teachers you would like to request a meeting with.

    Monday, 9/26: LMS Picture Day

    Tuesday, 9/27: Meeting for any 7th & 8th parent interested in sending their student on the Summer 2024 Costa Rica trip with Mrs. Prokop, 7:00 PM at Lakeview High School